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Privacy/Security: No preregistration OR registration required. Your privacy and security is key! Tezzigator will never give your information to anyone, because it will never maintain any of your private information. Please note that Tezzigator will never ask for your email or other private information as it is simply not needed; we will treat each constituent like a numbered Swiss account. Tezzigator knows nothing of who you are; all that is seen is that account X has delegated Y amount of Tezos, and fees are processed accordingly. The Tezzigator architecture will be such that 100% of the system’s transactions are handled in conjunction with the Tezos blockchain; there is simply nothing special that could ever br provided to any LE/government authority that they will not already be able to obtain themselves by looking at the blockchain. In fact, even if the systems were to ever get seized, there is no information *in* the system that cannot already be obtained by inspection of the blockchain.

Transparency: A fantastic benefit of the architecture in general and how privacy/security is handled is that by default, the system also comes with full transparency for all constituents. As everything done is in conjunction with the blockchain, you then get the full transparency of the blockchain. Remember, the Tezos blockchain is a public ledger after all, this fact is taken advantage of to provide privacy, security, and transparency.

High Level System Operation: The Tezzigator system will be able to determine from inspection of the blockchain when you delegate out (based on the numbered Swiss account analogy as described above). Then, *whenever* Tezzigator earns, it is actually YOU earning. This is your property, and it will be returned to you, minus a very small part of it that Tezzigator will take for providing the service. Our current hope is to be able to keep the fee below 10% but as in any capitalistic system, ultimately the market will dictate fees. This fee will be taken off the top, and earnings will be distributed to all constituents, proportional to their ratio of delegated baking power to the pool as a whole. There is zero fiat ever involved, and zero up-front costs to you other than the cost of sending the delegation transaction to the Tezos blockchain. So now, surely you ask yourself, how is this paid for? Whats the catch?

Well its not really a "catch" - there will be a very minimal fee. Much like how a bitcoin pool operates, Tezzigator is compensated for this service by a portion of the earnings that Tezzigator gains on your behalf (both gains from block generation/signing AND from non-dilutionary inflation) *after* you earn them. then the rest of the earnings are split between constituents, based on their proportion of contribution to the aggregate. You will NEVER be required to make any payments. For handling return of your property, there are two possible models we will consider. One way is an automated transfer, minus any Tezos network transaction fees/gas, to you at the end of each "cycle" (Tezos devs have still not yet confirmed how long a cycle will be). Or we could just wait and whenever you are ready for a payout you will use your Tezos client to send a special message to Tezzigator via the blockchain, and your XTZ earnings will be automatically sent, minus any Tezos network transaction fees/gas.

When choosing a delegation service, be sure you understand whether or not the service considers you eligible for *all* of the gains that delegator makes on your behalf. You want to be sure you get your block generation/signing earnings as well as your non-dilutionary inflation. Essentially, whenever Tezzigator earns, YOU earn! This, and fees, will be the differentiator between delegates that you will need to research.

This fee structure is very simple, and very unintrusive. We aim to be the BEST delegator, and the most competitive delegator in fees in order to ensure you get your XTZ stake active in the network.

Concerned About Centralization? - No Worry! The bond required for delegation will prevent centralization of just a few very large pools from forming, so there will be room for plenty of choices for delegation. Tezzigator's goal is to bring the simplicity and privacy of a well-designed, reliable, and cost-efficient system to you and earn your trust AND your referrals. The more the merrier!

Architecture: There will be resilient/redundant baking nodes (physical in secure colo) in two different datacenters (not necessarily different continents as the diagram shows), in an Active/Standby mode, each communicating with each other via a proprietary high-availability protocol. There will be full SSL communications, and CloudFlare will also be implemented.

Why Pick Tezzigator? We will do all the work for you in maintaining a node, keeping it updated/patched, and making sure it operating properly on the Tezos network.

Network Diagram: We currently have a single node on the Tezos alphanet! See Tezzigator Delegation Wallet