Delegation Management

Capping of Delegation

Not Accepting New Delegations! If you were delegated to us in cycle 42, you are OK at this time.

The Tezos protocol does not allow a delegate to control inbound delegation within the blockchain's protocol, so a delegate must manually ensure that their bonding ability is synced with the total delegation they receive. The only path for a delegate is to try to forecast as best they can between 3 items: the bond cost/ramping, delegate's holdings of Tezos, and external delegations.

Tezzigator currently has nearly 9M of total delegation! We are thrilled at the trust the community has with us and sincerely hope you have enjoyed the lightning fast and accurate payments we send at the beginning of every cycle. Currently the total percentage of network staking is fairly low which means that the bakers all get extra baking! But the extra baking requires all bakers to post even more bond if they wish to take advantage of the extras, such that they will run out of bond much quicker than normal. Thus we have the need now to warn the public to not send us more delegation.